Finding an agent vs. just writing a good book

I just found some very good advice re: getting a book published and finding an agent. (And yes, sometimes it actually goes in that order, believe it or not.)

On the Aspiring Author blog, Alexis Grant talks about a conversation she had on Twitter with an author who gave her a lot of good advice. It pretty much boiled down to

  1. Don’t spend all your time studying the publishing industry and trying to decipher the “tricks” to use to get in;
  2. Most agents don’t find clients through the Query pile, but through contacts, and especially if they see the author’s writing somewhere and like it;
  3. Have something to say; find your voice, and say it clearly.

Have a peek at the whole post; there’s a lot of meat there. And follow the blog! 🙂



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2 responses to “Finding an agent vs. just writing a good book

  1. Thanks for that! Checking our your blog now…

  2. Thanks for visiting! This blog is really just getting going, so there won’t be a huge amount to see. Yet. 🙂

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