Maintaining your relationship with your book

Courtney Summers, author of the YA novel, Cracked up to Be and the upcoming Some Girls Are, wrote this wonderful blog post on Friday: You Aren’t The Book I Married Anymore.

She talks about a writer’s relationship to an ongoing book as though it’s a marriage, with all the attendant ups and downs – and sometimes the divorces. If you think writing a novel is all exalted inspiration and Visits By the Muse, do read her hilarious account of a marriage, separation, near-divorce, and reconciliation.

I gave that book my heart and soul and it was like, “Whatevs.”

So I threw all its clothes out on the lawn.

We stopped speaking to each other.

When people say that writing – real writing – is work, they know what they’re talking about. But Ms. Summers does give us all hope that, like any marriage built on The Real Thing, it’s often possible to work things out and make the relationship not only work, but be happy too.


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