Writing Exercises and Submitting Short Stories

Something that can really help with your creativity and writing is doing exercises. Expanding your imagination, or learning to see things from different viewpoints, can enhance and develop your writing skills.

To that end, you might be interested in visiting the Write Spa website of Winslow Eliot. Every few days there is a post suggesting a visualization you can do, and a way you can write about it. For example, for June 5th, 2010, you imagine yourself on a lovely desert island, sending a concise message in a bottle each day. You need to decide how to narrow down what is most important to you on that day, and how you would explain it briefly to a stranger.

Meanwhile, if you do have a piece of fiction to submit, Duotrope’s Digest is a site for locating places where you can send it. The site lists more than 2900 fiction and poetry publications, and has a search form to help you narrow the list down to publishers in your own genre.

For more specific submissions, here are a couple of current examples:

  • A Cup of Comfort is looking for true stories from the lives of Christian women
  • New Love Stories Magazine is looking for Male/Female love stories with just enough sexual spice to liven things up but not wander into pornographic realms
  • The Bark wants stories about humans’ relationships with dogs
  • Not to leave out cat-lovers, Cat Fancy magazine is looking for similar pieces about cats

As always, you should read the submission guidelines for these websites and magazines, so you’ll send materials they are interested in, and in the right format. (Thanks very much to freelance writer Windy Lynn Harris for some of these suggestions.)

Happy writing, and good fortune in finding markets for your stories!

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One response to “Writing Exercises and Submitting Short Stories

  1. Hi! Here’s another post (by Mark Levy) on writing exercises, which I thought you might find of interest. (http://levyinnovation.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/exercising-your-writing-muscles/)

    Your blog is very well organized and full of useful stuff. Good job!


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