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Morewords.com – an interesting resource

I found an interesting website today: Morewords.com. It’s just a site full of words, which you can search for in many different ways. It touts itself as a site where you can find words for crossword puzzles, Scrabble games, or other word games. But it seems to me that if you’re looking for a rhyme, it would be good for that too.

The reason is that you can look for words that end in certain combinations of letters as well as those that begin that way. I found it when I needed to find words that used the prefix, “anti,” and had done a Google search on “words ending with anti.” Up popped a whole list on Morewords.com! So if you were looking for a word that rhymed with, oh, “despise,” you could first look for words ending in ize, and then for words ending in ise. You can bet, as I needed to make lists of words with certain prefixes and suffixes for a project today, I made good use of this site.

You can do searches that leave letters out, you can find anagrams of words, and you can even get lists of words made by adding one letter either before or after your search word. This is an interesting tool for wordsmiths.

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